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Foreign Related links....

Foreign Gallery sites...

Define999's gallery of foreign editions and sets

"Check out my gallery and see just how far down the rabbit hole I have gone!  Ha..." Define999

lscomics gallery of foreign editions and sets

"Tim's collection is huge and he is almost constantly updating it." Define999


Liam's gallery and site dedicated to his foreign collection

"Liam has a really cool site with WTB lists and all sorts of stuff, great site!" Define999

Eerie publications created site dedicated to foreign Vampi
"Let me tell ya if Vampirella was real this guy would be her boyfriend! Amazing foreign Vampis." Define999 - Caps biggest fan, Ken chases Cap comics from all over the world!

"This guy is a beast, Some really rare foreign Caps in his collection for sure. I think there is a good chance Ken is becoming the ultimate expert on foreign Caps!" Define999

Database sites... Foreign & American


Spidermex -The ultimate place to research Mexican Spideys! All issues cross-referenced with other Mexican printings along with their American counterparts.

"Great database for all things Mexican Spidey" Define999 -The place with the most comprehensive collection of EBALs on the web!

"The only place to go to research Brazilian EBALs..... I love this place!" Define999


Grand Comics Database -Quite possibly the largest comic database in the world! They have both American and foreign books here, amazingly huge amount of foreign material.

"Their mission is to catalog every comic in the world, I think they could be close..." Define999


Collezionismo Fumetti -The be all end all of Italian databases.

"This place should be your first stop on the road of Italian comics." Define999 -The largest known database for Australian comic books. Always growing and constantly being updated!

"The Australian comic market was all over the place with different publishers and lots of material.... this site helps!" Define999 - A great Brazilian and Portuguese database that will have all the newer stuff that isn't EBAL.

"GuiaEbal is great don't get me wrong, but if you need to research the newer stuff this site has most of it!" Define999 - A French database for all things French.

"Pretty large, but a little difficult to navigate thru." Define999 - The main Dutch comic database, also a auction site where you source Dutch books.

"An amazing place to research and buy Dutch books!" Define999 - Need to cross reference American and Mexican books? Largest Mexican Dbase site known.

"The sister site to Spidermex. Holy smokes! Need to find out if that book exists in Mexico? Go no further..." Define999

Blog sites... - George knows his stuff about all the South African foreigns.

"If you even have a small interest in this group of books you have to check out this site!" Define999 - An Argentinian collector with a very informative blog, scans of rare books.

"Gonzalo is a friend on the FCC boards and a very, very cool dude!  Do you want to see some rare stuff?  Check out his blog!" Define999 - Ron's blog on all things Star Wars comics is both impressive and amazing in breadth.

"Oh man, I personally think no one on the planet knows more about foreign Star Wars comics than this guy. Check him out!" Define999 - The highly talented and beloved comic artist from Spain, Lopez Espi reworked many many classic covers of the Bronze age for Vertice.

"This guy is a legend in Spain and his work shows why, have a favorite cover form the Bronze age? You owe it to yourself to see if Espi lovingly re envisioned it!" Define999

Assorted Foreign related sites.... - The online equivalent to the master guide for French heritage comics.

"Tons of good info here, including a price guide!" Define999 - The only grading company that accurately grades foreigns, period.

"Im not going to talk badly about any grading company. But, I will say there is only one that cares to get grading foreigns right. CBCS uses accurate nomenclature for foreigns and the grading notes are spot on!" Define999 - A site for the Swedish price guide. Has a pretty big list of Swedish books

"Pretty damn cool, but make sure to use your translate feature on your browser. Tough to navigate without it!" Define999