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Staying Focused or How to bide your time when you can't find what you're looking for.

Posted on July 7, 2014 at 7:25 AM

There comes a time for every collector where you can’t seem to find any of the books you’re searching for that fall within the focus of your collection. That’s the dangerous time, the time where you find yourself searching site after site trying to track down just one of the books on your want list. Then all of a sudden… there it is. It’s not a book you’re necessarily looking for, it doesn’t even come close to fitting into your focus but damn it has a really cool cover. The price seems reasonable too. A U.S. version of it would run $50 or more for just a mid-grade copy and here’s this really nice one from (insert country of choice here). Even with the shipping it’s a bargain by comparison and it’s always been one of your favorite covers/stories.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many sets I have that started this way. It starts with one copy of a book from somewhere and the next thing you know you’re searching for that book from anywhere and everywhere. There’s nothing wrong with it, when it comes to foreign books there are times you’re just not going to find the priority books on your want list. In some cases it takes years to track down a copy, any copy, of some books. In the meantime little side projects can keep you contented and on your game in terms of sharpening and refining your hunting skills. Plus while you’re unable to complete your main collecting project you still get to add books to your collection.

A few examples of this that I have going are:

Captain America #321 & Annual #8

Death of Superman issues

Web of Spider-Man #11 & #32

Superman #261

These are some of the books that keep me going while I wait for the last few “crown jewels” to turn up. The ones that, for the time being, are doing an incredible job of eluding me. The one suggestion I will give is this: Enjoy the hunt, enjoy the books you acquire but most importantly… mind your spending. You don’t want to deplete your budget and find yourself without the money you need when one of those focus books does show up!


Tim Bildhauser


FCC Associate Editor

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