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Indy con Blog report!

Posted on March 25, 2014 at 1:15 AM

Hello everyone! lscomics here, reporting on the first annual Indiana Comic Con for FCC magazine. First and foremost I’d like to give you a little background on how FCC attending the convention came to pass.

Back around October or November of 2013 I saw that there was going to be a new comic con in Indianapolis Indiana on March 14th through 16th 2014. At the time FCC had pretty much just released our first issue and I thought it would be interesting to set up at the con to promote it. After a lot of discussion and planning we reserved a booth in Artist Alley, Define999 bought a plane ticket and once the dates arrived we found ourselves in Indianapolis.

We weren’t 100% sure how it was going to go over. For quite some time we had anticipated that there would be a lot more interest in foreign editions than those in the mainstream comic book community would have thought and we were right. We set up a huge display of foreign books (roughly 7’ x 12’ ) along with three showcases on the table itself. The reactions of the convention attendees was varied, when they walked by some of them dismissed the books as being nothing more than reprints in another language but the vast majority of people were just blown away. Nowhere in the world before this has anyone seen such a variety of foreign books from all over the globe.

Here’s a link to all three video clips!

1st video

2nd video

3rd video

We shot video talking with both convention attendees and a couple of dealers that were set up as well. The one dealer we spoke with (Josh) came to the booth at the end of the day Friday. He had brought two long boxes of foreign comics to the con and told us that on a busy Saturday he’ll usually sell about $200 worth of stuff out of those boxes. He sold that much on Friday. By the end of the weekend he said his sales, just from those two boxes, totaled around $1400! This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt (as we suspected) that there’s a market for these books here in the States but that the vast majority of collectors simply don’t know they exist. Check out the videos, download and read the first three issues of FCC (it’s free after all) and then let us know what you think. You can reach us on Facebook.

Tim Bildhauser lscomics FCC Associate Editor


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