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Issue 6 is here finally!

Boy it took awhile, sorry about that. We hope to have systems in place to divide up the workload while making things easier to get issues out on time. This issue is the biggest one yet though, and we are very very proud of it. Thanks for reading!-Define999

Vive La France!

Nous voulons vous assurer tous que la revue “Foreign Comic Collector” supporte nos frères et soeurs français infiniment. Nous dénonçons toutes actes de barbarisme et de terreur, mais premièrement, nous dénonçons les individus et groupes qui veulent éliminer nos droits a nous vocaliser librement, incluant les parodies et satires sociales, religieux et politique. Nous trouvons aussi abhorrant le fait que des organisations dans le media masqueraient la pièce d’art pour laquelle ces artistes et journalistes courageux on perdues leurs vies. S’il y avait jamais le besoin pour un super héro qui pourrait unifier les frontières des pays, langues et cultures c’est maintenant. Vive la France !​ -FCCM Staff

Let it be known that Foreign Comic Collector Magazine stands with its brethren in France. We denounce barbarism and acts of terror! But, most of all, we denounce those that would remove our rights to free speech, parody, satire, or social/religious/political scrutiny. We also find it abhorrent and cowardly that news organizations covering the tragedy in France would blur out the cover art that the brave artists and journalists died for. If ever there was a need for a superhero that could straddle the borders of countries, languages, and cultures it is now. Vive la France! -FCCM Staff

Wait, is that issue 5? Sure is....

Halloween is here and so is issue #5. Foreign Vampi is smoking hot so you better check her and our issue out. Also, big things are coming so stay tuned my friends. -Define999

Issue 4 of  Foreign Comic Collector is here!

Gosh darn it! It took awhile.... finally we are live! Issue 4 is quite extraordinary people. Please forgive us for being late, but enjoy our hard work! -Define999

So... how is everyone enjoying FCC so far?

We hope you like what we're doing and if you have any suggestions about things you'd like to see us do (or do differently) drop us a line.  We'd love to hear what you, the readers, think.

For those that haven't been checking back, there are a couple of new(er) blog posts.  Check them out and please don't hesitate to comment.

From the looks of it we might be running a little behind on the release date for issue #4 but trust me when I tell you it'll be worth the wait.  Our main feature is going to be about the most original journalistic piece I've seen presented in the (almost) 30 years that I've been into collecting comic books!

Tim Bildhauser
FCC Associate Editor

Our first blog post is live! w/video

Check out our very first blog post by Tim AKA LSComics! A con report covering FCC's very first booth showing at a con. The con was amazing BTW! Did you sign up at the show to win 1 of 2 key foreign books? Find out who won by going here to our blog page.....

Also included with the blog are links to our video con reports. Ever find yourself wondering how handsome LSComics and I are? Well, check out the vids then...




We are hard at work on issue 4, so keep your eyes peeled for a preview of issue 4's cover. Define999

Issue #3 has landed!

I have a question? Did you know, that some of the coolest Marvel and DC foreigns hail from South Africa? I bet you didn’t, so pull up your sleeves and get digging into our feature written by George van der Riet for issue 3. Also, do you like the copper age black suited Spidey? Well, I think your eyes are going to melt while exploring the amazing black Spidey sets collectors Liam Sturgess and Hector Banda put together! Please enjoy issue 3, and don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list if you haven’t. Define999

We are now on Facebook! 

So Tim (LSComics), insisted FCC have a social media presence. I knew he was right, and I knew in order to reach more people he was dead right. So, please like our page and tell your friends about it. All of FCC's staff will be using the Facebook page as a sort of portal to communicate with our readers in a more personal and laid back manner. My hope is that the Facebook page will contribute to the conversation and grow even more content for you foreign lovers out there. Gosh darnit Tim.... and his good ideas! Define999


Issue #2 is here folks!

Do you think the worlds favorite barbarian had his first appearance in comics with Marvel during the year 1970? You would be wrong, check out the amazing article friend of FCC Jeff Shanks created for us to find out the true answer. Also, please enjoy the rest of the foreign related content we created for you this issue. Define999 

Issue #1 is here! Welcome to FCC

It has been a long journey, but issue #1 is finally here! Please enjoy the magazine, and sign up if you haven't already....  Define999

I would like to thank... Tim, Liam, Tony, Hector, Nuno, Trent, Gustavo, Gonza, Racetrack, Stephane, Porcupine48, The very silent master, Jeffery S, Brian and Alliyah, David, and last but not least my wife! You guys rock and without your help FCC wouldn't have been realized or possible...... 

An online magazine dedicated to foreign comic variants?

Yes, we are! But, we are currently working out the bugs of the site at this time. Please check out our 2 issue preview below! Just hit expand on the button below to launch the JOOMAG viewer! Also, sign up to the right and please bear with us as we ready our first issue for launch. Thank you so very much for checking us out....... 

Our very first ad!